Want to Decrease Stress & Boost your Happiness, 
spending only 15 mins a day for 21 days?
Train your brain to decrease stress, develop a powerful mindset and increase your joy in 21 days. 
Wellness & Stress Expert
Dr. Rozina shares her proven strategies to rapidly decrease your stress, increase your joy and fill your life with an attitude of gratitude!
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Feeling Overwhelmed With Worry, Anxiety, and Stress?
Have you noticed symptoms of stress building like irritability, physical pain, relationship conflicts, racing thoughts, and restless nights? Do you want to relieve the stress but find it impossible with all the demands keeping you busy?
While stress is natural, stress in our modern world has reached an unnatural level. And rather than a shortage of ways to cope with stress, there is too much conflicting information on stress management. It’s stressful even trying to figure out how to manage stress!
What You’ll Discover
This course takes you on a journey of transformation, step by step using real world case studies and stories.

Different people learn in differently and having multimodal experience increased the learning.  
As a next step from the book or a standalone course, this course it will help you dive deeper and learn faster. By investing only 15-20 minutes a day over 21 days, you will learn many techniques that will help you transform your Stress to Joy system. You will get a video (5-10 min ) each day with an action guide, worksheets and templates, to help you take steps to peace of mind. You will also get bonus audio recording of twenty one short mindfulness/relaxation exercises to help you master the skill of feeling happy despite all the stressors of life.

The course is set up in three modules of 7 lessons each so you can finish in 3 weeks. In the first week, you will learn the basic steps. The second week will help you minimize stress symptoms like tension, overwhelm, worry, irritability, insomnia, and emotional eating. The third week will help you maximize your joy by building 7 key happiness habits. After going thru the program, doing reflection in your action guide and practicing the bonus exercises, you would find a transformation in you; a happier and healthier person.
Release Stress In Just Minutes A Day
As a psychiatrist and mom who works with busy patients, I needed strategies for my patients and myself that are powerful and most of all practical for busy people. With almost two decades of research and experience, I’ve combined the most effective, simple, and quick ways to rapidly release stress that don’t require you to completely change your lifestyle.

A New Approach
In this course, you’ll discover how to reduce stress from multiple angles and even turn stress into an opportunity for growth and resiliency. Finally, you’ll learn how to experience more joy so you’ll naturally be able to handle life’s most stressful situations with greater ease.

By taking this course you will:
  • Learn simple techniques to calm your mind using Active Meditation.
  •  Discover how to let go of worrying using Cross Road Technique.
  •  Recognize problems and improve your relationships using the Importance Rule.
  •  Explore ways to decrease frustration with Circle of Influence.
  •  Find out how to get a good night sleep using the Floating Bubble Technique.
  •  Identify ways to avoid emotional eating by using the Self Dialogue Journal.
  •  Realize the 7 keys to happiness with the COMPASS Direction.
21 Training Videos to Guide You To A Stress-Free Life!
Limited Time Offer 
One Time Payment 
Only $197!

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